Paul and Marilyn started Loft Industries in 1994 as a home-based business. They began as an equestrian products manufacturer making nylon halters and bridles. Farmer's Markets and selling to friends were their humble beginnings. After several months they approached a local tack store and began to stock that location. Other retail tack locations soon followed.


Another local manufacturer also got into the tack business and started taking over their market share. Marilyn then suggested that Loft branch out and add pet products to the catalogue. Another round of Farmer's Markets and friends to develop the right product mix and they were ready to look for pet industry retailers.


Their first wholesale pet customer was a veterinary clinic in Calgary (which they still have as a customer today) and then the race was on. When Loft started 19 years ago there were only 5 or 6 manufacturers supporting the local pet industry. Today, Loft is competing against dozens and dozens of manufacturers from as far away as China, South Africa, Europe and the United States.


Loft is able to do this by using only top quality materials such as nylon webbing, composite buckles and metal hardware. They also manufacture many unique and specialized products including a variety of training aids and canine sporting equipment so you can spend quality time with your pet.


Loft has also worked very carefully with their retail partners to cultivate lasting relationships in order to bring their products to the buying public.


From a humble 2 page catalogue to its current 30+ page catalogue and the new and exciting website, Loft Industries is always adding new and innovative products to bring pets and their pet parents closer together.

The Start

Loft Industries started out making halters and bridles!


Our first sales were at Farmer's Markets and friends!


The Old and the New

Our first catalogue was only 2 pages long, it now spans 30+ pages!

"Tough Enough To Stand The Test Of Time"



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