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Training Leads

These products are for use in the training of dogs in long distance methods for working dogs and for the casual owner. All these items are made from 3/4" wide webbing. Available in BLACK only.


Description                                  Stock#

3/4" x 8 Ft. Training Lead            DN530

3/4" x 10 Ft. Training Lead          DN531

3/4" x 15 Ft. Training Lead          DN532

3/4" x 20 Ft. Training Lead          DN533

3/4" x 30 Ft. Training Lead          DN534

3/4" x 50 Ft. Training Lead          DN535

SNAP Dog Harness

(Systematic New Approach to Pets)

This is a revolutionary new method for training your dog. However, this is not a "magic bullet" nor is it a "quick-fix" for behavior problems.

Any effective training requires two main things: time and consistency. Another helpful component to effective training is gaining the trust of the animal that you are working with; Loft's S.N.A.P. Harness is one tool that will help you gain that trust. Loft's S.N.A.P. Harness does not tighten nor constrict the chest in any way. When properly adjusted, Loft's S.N.A.P. Harness will not choke the dor nor interfere with their mobility. It is not a hobble or a choke harness.

Loft's S.N.A.P. Harnes also allows you the owner to take advantage of the instinctual patterns that all dogs are bred with by having you become the Alpha dog or pack leader. This will require tht you become confident and consistent in your interactions with your dog during the training process. As alpha dog you will need to always be in front with the dog walking beside or behind you. The front connection point on the Loft's S.N.A.P. Harness allows you to do this.


Description                       Stock#

1/2" X-Small                     DN704-XS

1/2" Small                         DN704-SM

3/4" Medium                     DN704-MD

1" Large                            DN704-LG

1" X-Large                        DN704-XL

Adjustable Obedience Head Collar

The OHC's are a great training aide especially for larger dogs. The design of this product is such that it works much in the same way that a halter works on a horse. Instead of fighting the dog in the area where it has the most strength (the neck and shoulder area), the OHC's allow you to literally lead your dog around by the end of it's nose. This product is like putting "power steering" on your dog. The OHC's also have had a calming affect on some hyperactive dogs. This product replaces Loft's previous Obedience Head Collars. The dog should be carefully monitored for the first few uses until he/she gets accustomed to the product. Comes with a safety tether strap that attaches to the dog's collar. Now available in Colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Green and Purple


Size Chart

X-Small Fits: Toy Breeds

Small Fits: Jack Russell Terrier, Poodle, Beagle, etc.

Medium Fits: Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Boxer, etc.

Large Fits: Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc.


Description                              Stock#

X-Small                                  OHC-XS

Small                                      OHC-SM

Medium                                  OHC-MD

Large                                      OHC-LG